Annual Giving

  • Class of 2019

Annual gifts play a vital role in the lives and endeavors of our students, faculty, and staff. By providing financial aid to students, funding scholarships and student organizations, supporting schools and colleges, and much more, annual gifts help to ensure the continued national rise of UMass Amherst as a leading public institution.

Whether you’re an alum, faculty or staff member, parent, or student, you can make an impact by supporting an area of campus that’s important to you.

For Alumni

UMass Amherst prides itself on providing a world-class education—an education that acts as a launching pad for students across disciplines.

So, when our alumni ask what they can do to show their appreciation, we suggest they give back to their favorite areas of campus to make sure the opportunities they received in their time here are there for generations to come.

Nathan Adams '06
Executive Director of Annual Giving