Student Philanthropy Committee


Alumni appreciate their UMass education, and they want to make sure these opportunities are there for you. Scholarships, campus lectures, faculty, study abroad, state-of-the-art facilities, student organizations, and academic departments are all supported by gifts.

It’s tradition for the class to come together to make a gift to the university. Classes have supported many important causes including the restoration of Old Chapel, scholarships, sustainability initiatives, and the campus permaculture garden.

How you can help

The Student Philanthropy Committee (SPC) helps educate students about the importance of philanthropy at UMass by:

  • Organizing social media, events, and activities to spread the message
  • Collaborating with campus organizations working to promote philanthropy
  • Planning and hosting events including the Senior Campaign, I Love UMass Day, and Gratitude Week
  • Working on the Senior Campaign to help each senior class leave a lasting legacy at UMass Amherst
  • Encouraging students to show appreciation for their school by making a gift — of any amount — to the university


Krista Navin '03
Associate Director of Annual Giving