The Role of Photography in Trauma, Healing and Self-Perception

March 11, 2020
8:30 am-11:00 am

Have you or someone you know experienced some type of emotional or physical trauma? If so, you know that healing takes time. 

Please join us: "The Art of Empowerment: The Role of Photography in Trauma, Healing & Self-Perception". 

As part of Nursing 420, "Nurses' Rock'in Research, Bridget Laudien, BSN, BA, RN, CNOR: Photographer, nurse, writer and radically transparent human being and Abigail Lydick, a cancer survivor and project participant, will be coming to campus to highlight qualitative expression through photography by sharing their stories. 

According to Bridget, "Photography is a universal means with which we can honor life; not only by capturing moments, but by telling stories. It is a way to reflect on our past, showcase our present, and hope for our future."