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Supplemental Online Grammar

The Netzwerk A1 and A2 Supplemental Online Grammar (SOG) serves as a resource for students of German enrolled in language courses using Netzwerk A1 and A2 as textbooks, such as Elementary German I and II (German 110 and 120), and Intermediate German I (German 230) at UMass Amherst. It features two components: One provides written grammar explanations that go along with the grammar sections of each chapter in both Netzwerk A1 and A2, including English translations for the grammar terms and tables, as well as explanations in English for the grammar structures that each table introduces. At the end of each chapter students can check their comprehension by answering a few questions related to the structures introduced. The other component consists of audio files of voice recordings that highlight the pronunciation of each table’s contents in German, followed by the English translation.

The Supplemental Online Grammar EXTRA introduces grammar structures comprehensively and independently of individual chapters from the Netzwerk A1 and A2 books. It serves as a resource for students who want to review grammar structures, and it will come in handy for those students who like to go beyond what is being covered in the individual chapters.

The Supplemental Online Grammar and the Supplemental Grammar EXTRA were compiled by Professors Kerstin Mueller Dembling and Anca Holden, and graduate students Karolina Hicke and; Victoria Rizo Lenshyn. The project is funded by a Five College Innovative Language Teaching Award. Please direct questions and comments to:

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Supplemental Grammar EXTRA