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STEM-German Major Concentration

The Major in German & Scandinavian Studies offers a Concentration in STEM-German designed to enable students to pursue studies in STEM fields and in German studies at UMass and abroad.

The STEM-German Concentration should be combined with a double major (BA) or dual degree (BS/BA). Students combining German with other areas of study should pursue the regular German Concentration.

Students in the STEM-German Concentration are encouraged to spend time abroad in Germany with a study exchange, and/or internship or research placement.

STEM-German Concentration


German 110 and 120 or their equivalents. Students should also complete German 111: STEM-German I and 121: STEM-German II.

Part A – At least 18 credits in German language courses at the German 230 level and above

GERMAN 230: Intermediate German I (3 credits)

GERMAN 231: STEM German III (1 credit)

GERMAN 240: Intermediate German II (3 credits)

GERMAN 241: STEM German IV (1 credit)

GERMAN 312: Advanced Scientific & Technical German I (3 credits)

GERMAN 322: Advanced Scientific & Technical German II (3 credits)

Independent Study or Internship in Germany (1-8 credits)

*Or their equivalents*

Part B – At least 12 credits in additional courses approved by German and Scandinavian Studies

+ Junior Year Writing and Capstone/Integrative Experience may count toward Part B if taken in German & Scandinavian Studies

+ Credit hours earned through Independent Study or Internship in Germany may count toward Part B if those credits are not applied to Part A.

* Exceptions, equivalencies, approvals, and substitutions may be made by the Undergraduate Adviser or by the Director of iSTEP: international Science Technology & Engineering Programs

Students interested in the STEM-German Major Concentration should meet with the iSTEP Director. To set up an advising appointment, email: