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STEM-German Courses

STEM-German Language Courses

Don’t speak German?  No problem. You do not need any prior German language knowledge to enter the program. We will get you up to speed in your command of German so that you can study and work in Germany. iSTEP also includes STEM-German language instruction from day one:

Beginning & Intermediate German Language + STEM-German

In the first two years of language study, iSTEP students add on our one-credit STEM-German classes:

  • German 110: Elementary German I + German 190A: STEM-German I = 4 credits

  • German 120: Elementary German II + German 190B: STEM-German II = 4 credits

  • German 230: Intermediate German I + German 290A: STEM-German III = 4 credits

  • German 240: Intermediate German II + German 290B: STEM-German IV = 4 credits

STEM-German I-IV are fun, hands-on supplements to our regular beginning and intermediate German language sequence. Students in STEM-German I-IV learn STEM-German vocabulary and how to use it to discuss, explore, and experiment.

Accelerated German Language

If you want to catch up or get ahead with your German language abilities, you can also take our Intensive or Summer German languages courses.

  • German 126: Intensive Elementary German (6 credits)
  • German 246: Intensive Intermediate German (6 credits)
  • Summer Courses in Elementary & Intermediate German Online

With our accelerated German language courses you can complete an entire year of German language in one semester or one summer.

Advanced Scientific & Technical German Language

At the advanced level we offer full courses in Scientific & Technical German:

  • German 312: Advanced Scientific & Technical German I (3 credits)
  • German 322: Advanced Scientific & Technical German II (3 credits)

Our Advanced Scientific & Technical German language courses build on the langauge skills in German and STEM-German that students build in the first two years (or bring in from high school and other experiences), to develop advanced German language abilities in speaking, reading, and writing.

These courses also prepare students to study and work in Germany. iSTEP coordinates exchanges with German universities, and facilitates placements in industry internships, and research labs. These advanced courses will help you to thrive in your international iSTEP experiences.

Culture & History Courses

In addition to teaching German language, we offer many courses that develop cultural competencies, historical knowledge, creativity and problem solving, and critical thinking. These are all skills valued by future employers, and valuable in your future success whether in industry, research, or advanced study.

These courses count toward the STEM-German major, and many of our culture and history courses fulfill General Education requirements! See our list of undergraduate courses for an overview of topics offered by GSS faculty.