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Salvatore Viola '21

Meet Salvatore Viola, DAAD Young Ambassador for 2020/21.

Hello! My name is Salvatore Viola and I am entering my fourth year of undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where I am pursuing a dual degree in Economics and German. I began learning German my senior year of highschool and I have had the opportunity to study twice in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany through my university. I spent the Summer of 2018 in Stuttgart living with a host family while studying German and returned during the 2019 calendar year to study in Heidelberg where I studied Economics at Heidelberg University and German at the Max-Weber-Haus. My most valuable academic experience came from the exposure I had to alternative perspectives and insights within the Economics discipline in Heidelberg. This inspired the topic of one of my research papers which compared the effect of welfare on the middle class in Germany and the U.S. During my time in Heidelberg I enjoyed improving my German language ability thanks to the other students dedicated to learning new languages and the part-time job I had at the local holiday market. I feel so lucky to have studied in the beautiful and ancient city settled on the Neckar river. Even though Heidelberg is right in the middle of Germany and close to Frankfurt International Airport, I never wanted to leave. I am excited to introduce other students to the study abroad experience in Germany and to encourage them to get out of their comfort zone, engage with German culture and make an exciting decision they won't regret!