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Nina Listopadzki '21

Hallo! My name is Nina Listopadzki, and I’m in my seventh semester at UMass Amherst. I am double-majoring in Biochemistry + Molecular Biology and German, and am on the Pre-Med track. When I’m not studying, I enjoy good hikes, movies, random road trips, and cooking with friends and family. The German language and culture have always been a part of my life: I grew up speaking German as well as English and Polish at home, and I was and still am so lucky to have parents who encouraged my brother and me to keep our cultures alive here in the US. While studying abroad in Tübingen last fall, I learned so much more about the region where my family comes from, the significance of Tübingen to biochemistry, and the general dynamics of German society. After this experience, along with some classes I’ve taken at UMass, I decided to focus on refugee healthcare in Germany during the time of COVID-19 for my thesis.  I am so grateful to have had these experiences and continue my education about German language and culture on my journey to medical school, and I’m more than happy to talk about any of the above the topics! You can reach me at . Stay safe, and I hope to meet you all soon!