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Students in one of the CNS's buildings

The College of Natural Sciences

The College of Natural Sciences (CNS) excels in interdisciplinary research in the life, environmental, computational, and physical sciences that touches lives—reducing energy costs, transforming medicine and health care, sustaining our natural resources, creating new materials, and improving the food we eat and the world we live in. The college’s 400 faculty members, who work across 13 departments and two schools, are awarded half of the total academic research grants on campus and are routinely listed among the world’s leading scientific minds in Thomson Reuters surveys. CNS faculty are equally dedicated to effective teaching and committed to mentoring its 7,000 undergraduate and 1,000 graduate students. From innovations in knowledge and education to the development of new materials, systems, and tools, to partnering with the community, CNS engages in scientific discoveries and education that make a difference.

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The College of Engineering

The College of Engineering offers a breadth of academic and experiential offerings. From hands-on design projects and undergrad research; to study abroad in such places as Australia, France, and Hong Kong; to innovation competitions; and tuition-free co-op opportunities—they strive to prepare students to lead, innovate, and succeed. Within six months of commencement, more than 80 percent of engineering grads find engineering jobs or enter grad school. The mission of the College of Engineering is to provide an engineering education that produces diverse, globally aware, and technically strong engineering leaders, to conduct innovative research by faculty and students that serves the economic needs of the Commonwealth, the nation, and beyond, and contributes to improving societal needs.

iSTEP Faculty

portrait of Julia Feldhaus
iSTEP Faculty
Julia Feldhaus

Lecturer in STEM German and Director of iSTEP

Julia Feldhaus teaches STEM German and directs the international Science Technology & Engineering Programs (iSTEP) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The main focus of her research is images of the New Woman during the Weimar Republic.
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portrait of Sara Jackson
iSTEP Faculty
Sara E. Jackson

Associate Professor, Program Director

An Associate Professor and Director of the German and Scandinavian Studies program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Sara (S.E.) Jackson's first book reconstructs the formative role that women played on an off the stage in shaping not only modernist theater aesthetics and performance practices, but also influential strains of modern thought. Jackson is also Co-Editor of Feminist German Studies.
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UMass International Programs Office

iSTEP works closely with the UMass International Programs Office to coordinate study, research, and internship opportunities abroad.