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iSTEP: international Science Technology & Engineering Programs

Double Major and Dual Degree Options with STEM-German

Do you want to study abroad but are concerned about completing the requirements for your STEM major?  Do you want an internship in Germany in a STEM field?  Do you want to be a more desirable candidate for jobs and graduate studies programs with your degree?  Do you want to become fluent in a foreign language while having a blast living in Europe?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then consider a double major or dual degree in German and a STEM field with iSTEP! 


Why STEM + German?
Similar programs at comparable universities in the US have demonstarted that integrated STEM and German degree studies offer students not only a unique college experience, but also:

  • Superior and more diverse employment opportunities after graduation
  • International work opportunities in Germany and in other world regions
  • Unique qualifications for graduate school and medical school applications

What does iSTEP do?
Through integrated programming with German & Scandinavian Studies and the International Programs Office, and collaboration with faculty in STEM departments, iSTEP provides:

  • Individual Advising and Curriculum Planning
  • Scientific & Technical German Language Courses from the Beginning to Advanced Level
  • STEM-German Major Concentration
    Double Major (BA) or Dual Degree (BS/BA)
    » Variable degree timelines depending on your needs and interests
  • Coordinated Study Abroad Programs for your STEM field
  • Internship and Research Opportunities in Germany

Learn more about:

STEM-German Language Courses

STEM-German Major Concentration

International Opportunities: Study Abroad, Internships, and Research Placements

Dr. Julia Feldhaus, Director of iSTEP

iSTEP Office Hours: Drop-in Thursdays 12:30-3pm, or by appointment.