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About STEM+German | iSTEP

iSTEP: International Science, Technology and Engineering Programs

Do you want to study abroad but are concerned about completing the requirements for your STEM major? Do you want an internship in Germany in a STEM field?  Do you want to be a more desirable candidate for jobs and graduate studies programs with your degree?  Do you want to become fluent in a foreign language while having a blast living in Europe?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then consider a double major (BA) or dual degree (BS/ BA) in German and a STEM field with iSTEP! 

Why STEM + German?

Similar programs at comparable universities in the US have demonstarted that integrated STEM and German degree studies offer students not only a unique college experience but also superior and more diverse employment opportunities after graduation. After completion of this course of study, students are prepared for international work opportunities in Germany and in other world regions and have unique qualifications for graduate and medical school applications.

What does iSTEP do?

Through integrated programming with German & Scandinavian Studies and the International Programs Office, and collaboration with faculty in STEM departments, iSTEP provides:

  • Individual career advising and curriculum planning
  • Scientific & technical German language courses from the beginning to advanced level
  • Coordinated study abroad programs for your STEM field
  • Internship and research opportunities in Germany
  • Variable degree timelines depending on your needs and interests

Interested in joining? Want to learn more?

No prior knowledge of German language is necessary to join the program.

If you are interested in joining or have questions, contact Dr. Julia Feldhaus, Director of iSTEP:

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