New Diversity Requirements

On May 4, 2017 the Faculty Senate adopted new guidelines for the General Education diversity requirement. The General Education Program is committed to helping make this transition smoothly, and we have provided a timeline for implementation, information for instructors, including expedited review instructions and forms, and informational drop-in hours and workshops. You may also contact the GenEd Council via email with any questions.

There are three major changes associated with the implementation of these new guidelines: 

  1. The learning outcomes for all diversity learning outcomes have been revised;
  2. The implementation process will include the conversion of all current courses holding a United States [U] or Global [G] diversity designations to the new Diversity United States [DU] or Diversity Global [DG] designation in conjunction with an expedited review process; and
  3.  All entering students, freshmen and transfers, will be required to take one of their two required diversity courses within their first year on campus. These new guidelines will go in effect for students entering Fall 2018. We are asking for your assistance in facilitating the implementation process by sharing this information with advisors and by facilitating the conversion process of courses within your department that may currently hold a U or G designation.