Information for Instructors


Courses that currently hold both a U or G designation and a designation in a Social World Curriculum area (AL-Literature, AT-Arts, HS-Historical Studies, SB-Social and Behavioral Sciences, I-Interdisciplinary and SI-Science Interdisciplinary) will be relabeled as DU and DG for Fall 2018. The DU and DG designations will be assigned automatically by the Registrar’s Office as the registration for fall classes begins during Spring 2018. To ensure that courses meet the new learning outcomes, all current diversity courses will undergo an expedited review by the General Education Council. More information on the expedited review process, including the necessary forms, can be found here.

Courses that currently hold a U or G designation but do not currently hold a designation in a Social World curriculum area (typically referred to as “stand alone” diversity courses) will need to add a Social World designation to meet the DU and DG requirements. We encourage departments offering any of these stand alone courses to contact the General Education Council as soon as possible so that we can facilitate the conversion process. More information on this process can be found here. 

This expedited review process begins Fall 2017, focusing particularly on the courses expected to be offered in Fall 2018, and will continue through the beginning of Spring 2019 so that all courses currently holding both a Diversity and a Social World designation will have been reviewed by the Spring 2019 registration period. If the course has not received approval by the Gen Ed Council by the beginning of Spring 2019, the course will lose the Diversity Gen Ed designation for offerings starting Fall 2019. As we begin moving towards the implementation of the new diversity requirements we also welcome proposals to create new courses that meet the new guidelines either by the addition of a DU or DG to an existing course holding a Social World designation or by the creation of new Social World courses also holding DU or DG designation. We will begin the review process for such courses beginning Spring 2018.

    **All expedited reviews are due by Tuesday, January 15, 2019.**