IE QQ Review Process

IE QQ Review Purpose & Process

The Integrative Experience (IE) was put into place six years ago, and the Gen Ed Council is conducting an IE QQ Review Process to determine the current status of the requirement. This includes gathering information about the range of IE options available and the extent to which those options align with the requirements of the Integrative Experience (as outlined below). 

The IE serves as both a General Education and a Major requirement and is intended to meet both the objectives of the General Education program and the Major. As a result, the department and the General Education Council share responsibility for assuring the departmental IE offerings meet both departmental and IE goals, and maintain consistency across departmental IE options. Therefore, this IE QQ Process focuses on departmental offerings as a whole, considering all options offered within the department and focusing on department IE alignment and consistency. 

Note: Throughout the document, we use IE course to reference all types of IE instructional options. 

IE Learning Goals and Structural Requirements

Learning Goals: The upper-division IE provides a structured context for students to reflect on their own learning and explore the connections between the broad exposure provided by General Education and the more focused exposure of their major. The IE addresses the goals by fulfilling each of the following three criteria

  1. Providing a structured, credited context for students to reflect on and to integrate their learning and experience from the broad exposure in their General Education courses and the focus in their major. 
  2. Providing students with the opportunity to practice General Education learning objectives such as oral communication, collaboration, critical thinking and interdisciplinary perspective-taking, at a more advanced level. 
  3. Offering students a shared learning experience for applying their prior learning to new situations, challenging questions, and real-world problems. 

Departmental IE options are expected to meet both these General Education goals and the department-identified goals for individual programs. 

Course Structure: The IE is intended to provide students with the opportunity for a personalized and interactive setting in which they engage in the ways described by the 3 IE criteria. Therefore, it is expected that IE's will have the following characteristics: 

A. The primary instructor for all IE courses must be a tenure-system faculty member or lecturer qualified to teach upper division courses and should provide at least 3 upper-division credits. 

B. They will be faculty led, as in the case of other upper division courses in the major. The instructional role of the TA will be secondary to that of the faculty. In cases of multiple sections that are TA facilitated, the instructional, supervisory, and/or training role of the primary faculty needs to be clarified. 

C. They should include small group interactions, such as collaborative assignments or projects. 

All IE QQ Reviews will be submitted through an online form. Here is a .doc version of the IE QQ Review online submission form for your reference. NOTE: This form is for departmental planning, discussion, and drafting purposes only; the IE QQ departmental response must be submitted via the online form. Please direct any questions or comments to