Completing an IE Proposal

For information on the IE Curricular Designation, please see this page. Departments are required to submit 2 types of IE forms to the Gen Ed Council:

1. IE Overall Departmental Plan - Every department must submit a plan for ensuring that all students in their departmental major(s) will be able to take an IE option. The plan will include all of the different IE options that their departmental majors can take to fulfill the requirement. (For example a department could plan that students can take either an existing course that had been modified to meet the IE criteria, a new course that has been developed to meet the IE criteria, and/or a service learning experience that meets the IE criteria.)  A department may also designate courses in other departments that will satisfy the IE for their departmental major(s).

Examples of IE Overall Departmental Plans

2. IE Specific Option Proposals - The registrar's office will be keeping track of the IE options that students can take based on the approved IE Specific Option Proposals submitted by their department. Therefore, your department must submit a Specific Option Proposal for every IE option that will fulfill the IE for your majors. Relating back to the example above - the department would need to submit three IE specific option proposals: one for the existing course that has been modified to be an IE, one for the new IE course, one for the service learning IE. See collaborative agreements below regarding using options offered through another department and allowing other departments to use your options.

Examples of IE Specific Option Proposals

Collaborative Agreements: In order for students to take IE options outside of their department, both the department offering the IE option and the department allowing students to use the option need to complete a Specific Option Proposal. This means that if you want your students to be allowed to take an IE option that is offered through another department you must submit an IE Specific Option Proposal that indicates this intention (you will only need to complete questions 1, 2, 3 and 12 on the IE Specific Option Proposal form). In addition the collaborating department needs to indicate that students from your department are allowed to take the IE option in the corresponding Specific Option Proposal (see question 11 on the IE Specific Option proposal form).

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