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Confessions of the Fox

Confessions of the Fox book cover.Confessions of the Fox. UMass Amherst associate professor Jordy Rosenberg’s first novel.

UMass Magazine - Summer 2018

SUMMER READING. In the new UMass magazine, rowers make a splash, experts look at fake news, and a chemist makes an exciting discovery. Read about all this and more news and research from UMass Amherst.


Invisible Dark Matter

Professor of physics Andrea Pocar and his students designed and built a grid that is one of the key components of DarkSide-50, created in 2009 by an international coalition and housed in Italy’s Gran Sasso National Laboratory. Undergraduates such as Arthur Kurlej ’15 and Kirsten Randle ’15 designed, assembled, and welded this delicate apparatus into place.

While dark matter can be inferred from its gravitational effects, physicists have great difficulty identifying it, as it otherwise hardly interacts with “regular” matter. So they have to innovate ways to detect it.

Can Government Do Anything Right?

Pump Up the Volume!

Podos, an expert in bioacoustics, will travel to Manaus, Brazil, at the confluence of the Amazon with the Rio Negro, where he is collaborating with Mario Cohn-Haft, curator of birds at the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA). Using sound-level meters, high-quality sound recorders, and high-speed video, the team intends to document how these species interact with their habitat through their song.

Prize-Winning Science

For her work, Hardy has been selected as the inaugural recipient of the university’s Mahoney Life Sciences Prize, an award she was presented on June 19 at the University Club in Boston.



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