Stepping Up to the Challenge

Curtain Call

Goodspeed wrote the script and lyrics, and she directed and performed a leading role in the play, which was performed in March at the Fine Arts Center. In 1675, Goodspeed plays Weetamoo, a female sachem of the Pocasset, who fought in King Philip’s War. “She was a stunning woman with a tragic demise,” notes Goodspeed.

UMass Amherst Celebrates Commencement

Diggity Dogs

Service dogs in training are a common sight on campus, found in the library, in lecture halls, and even on PVTA buses, thanks to a partnership with Diggity Dogs Service Dogs Inc. Diggity Dogs is a psychiatric and medical service-dog training organization based in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. They connect with UMass students, who volunteer to foster and train the dogs until they are ready to be placed with a client. The program is no walk in the park; student trainers are responsible for the dogs’ feeding and care and enroll in a weekly, three-credit, service-dog training course.

Martín Espada Honored

Seeking the Next Breakthrough

Why Do I Fight?

Magazine - Spring 2018

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Challah for Charity

The bread making, led by the UMass chapter of Challah for Hunger, an international organization, takes place several times per year over three days: one day to make the dough, one day to braid and bake, and one day to sell. After baking and braiding, UMass students sell the fresh challah in the Campus Center and donate the proceeds; this semester they chose to support the Amherst Survival Center.


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