Ever Bolder, Ever Better

The Illustrious Churchill

Black Heritage Month at UMass Amherst

The Department of Music and Dance brings the Langston Hughes Project, featuring the Ron McCurdy Jazz Quartet, to campus to evoke the rich music and poetry of the Harlem Renaissance. Accomplished alumni scholar Lindsey Swindall will present on the life and art of actor Paul Robeson, the first African-American man to create the role of Othello in an American theater in the twentieth century.

Bridging the Divide

Presented by the UMass Office of Equity and Inclusion, the symposium brings prominent thought leaders to campus, including Lecia Brooks of the Southern Poverty Law Center; Jelani Cobb, the Ira A. Lipman Professor of Journalism at Columbia University; and Daniel Ziblatt, co-author of the New York Times bestseller How Democracies Die.

Discussions and sessions will address the structures of polarization and ways of using dialogue to bridge political divides.

After Eureka

Informed Decision Making

The new UMass magazine is here! (Fall 2018)

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Federal Actions Spotlight

Keep up-to-date on how the university is responding to the executive order on immigration and other federal actions that affect UMass Amherst students, faculty, and staff.

Stand United. Fight Hate.


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