Crazy Good Food

The food is so good at UMass Amherst, we could say 'eat your heart out' to every other college in America... but we'll try to mind our manners. How good is the food? You don't need us to tell you when students and industry experts have plenty to say on the subject.

What Others Are Saying

What UMass Amherst Students Are Saying

  • “Besides being a staple institution to the University itself, the DC plays a larger role through support of local produce and sourcing. It’s a model example of small community ideals...”
  • “From egg white omelets, to an elaborate salad bar, to whole wheat pasta and fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables, eating healthy had never been so easy or tasted so good.”
  • “The D.C. is and always will be a large part of my college experience and so I will always think back on it fondly.”