Feature Stories

Early work in the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute will be conducted at the UMass Amherst Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing.
UMass Amherst to take lead in Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute
Valerie Inniss ’16 promotes the values of the Match Charter Public School in Boston.
Valerie Inniss ’16 is tweeting for tutors
Jessica Morris and Adam Lyford, both 2015 resource economic graduates, work at Community Harvest Project in North Grafton where UMass Amherst seedlings are raised for distribution at health clinics.
UMass Amherst leads Worcester initiative
Phoenix Latta, Tara Blanca, and Ana Maria Figueroa take a jubilant self-portrait in the Dining Commons.
Upward Bound celebrates its 50th year
Andrew Marton and Samantha Lombard at work.
Intriguing internships at the John F. Kennedy National Historic Site
A family group of African bush elephants (Loxodonta africana) approaches a water hole in Botswana.
UMass ecologists help to save African elephants
Josh Odam ’17 is participating in the first year of a two-summer program with the Institute for Responsible Citizenship in Washington, DC.
Interning in the heart of government, politics, and policy making
Craftspeople teach Samantha Giffen how they make ceramic water filters from local earth at the Mukondeni Pottery Collective.
Waterkeeping in South Africa
Carrie Radigan ’16 is spending the summer immersed in the New York City theater scene.
Carrie Radigan behind the scenes at a New York theater.
Aaron Benton ’17 is spending his summer on campus working as a greenhouse assistant.
Greenhouse learning experience
The Minter lab is part of a new partnership between the Institute for Applied Life Sciences and Anika Therapeutics. Assistant Professor Lisa Minter is second from left above.
Life science faculty and Anika Therapeutics join in new rheumatoid arthritis treatment
More than 5,000 first-year and transfer students will join the Common Read dialogue
The Common Read Program helps new students grapple with profound social and moral issues