A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg and Charles Sennott '84

Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy introduced Daniel Ellsberg and UMass Amherst alumnus Charles Sennott '84 for a WGBH conversation Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at One Guest Street in Boston.

“In my years of service, both inside government and out. I have always firmly believed that truth-telling to the American public is an expression of the loyalty owed to the Constitution, the rule of law and the sovereign public." - Daniel Ellsberg



Daniel EllsbergDaniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers in 1971, exposing deceit on the part of U.S. administrations regarding the Vietnam War. The Pentagon Papers were a major component of the Watergate scandal and resulted in a high-stakes prosecution against Ellsberg that ended in a dramatic mistrial in 1973. Undaunted, Ellsberg has toiled as an activist ever since, speaking out against war and nuclear weaponry, and defending the cause of whistleblowers and freedom of the press.


Charles SennottCharles Sennott ‘84 is the founder, CEO, and editor of the GroundTruth Project based at WGBH. A non-profit news organization dedicated to restoring journalism from the ground up, GroundTruth’s newest initiative supports local reporters across the country. He is an award-winning correspondent, best-selling author, and editor with 30 years in international, national, and local journalism.