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Julie Roy

Coordinator of the French Teacher Education Program, Director of the Online Summer French Language Program, Lecturer

(413) 545-6711

Herter 313

A native of the southwest of France, Julie Roy received a BA and MA in ESL from the University of Nantes, a MAT in French and Francophone Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and a PhD in French from Johns Hopkins University. She has taught in France and the United States, at the University and K12 levels. She has also worked as the Academic Director for the Middlebury Interactive Languages program, where she trained and supervised teachers.

Her teaching and research interests include second-language acquisition, content and language integrated learning, digital humanities, and children’s and adolescent literature. She loves teaching languages and finding new ways to make them engaging and relevant to today’s society.

Her doctoral dissertation, entitled Thresholds and Reconnections: The Creation of the Child in Comparative Children’s Literature, investigated the psychological and educational repercussions of children’s literature (of the French and English languages) on the audience it mobilizes. One of the chapters looked at how languages, first and second, are acquired and manipulated, at the crossroads of the verbal and the visual, with an emphasis on the complex role of humor. Professor Roy analyzed the wide range of voices that can be assigned to children, and the fruitful articulation between fictional play and the acquisition of linguistic skills.

In her spare time, she likes to try her hand at fiction, and her first short story « Débris » was published in 2022.


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