Undergraduate Program

French and Francophone Studies encompasses both the mastery of French language skills and the study of the broad French and francophone intellectual traditions, including the literature, culture, and history of France, French Canada, and other francophone countries in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Along with a high level of competence in an important world language, majors acquire a broad knowledge of one of the world’s most dynamic cultural traditions and its complex relations with other countries and cultures around the world. Major requirements are flexible enough to allow students to combine coursework in French language, literature, and culture with related programs of study, including majors and minors in other fields and certificate programs. Students are encouraged to pursue double majors. A study-abroad program in Paris (with both academic-year and semester-long options) is sponsored by UMass and is recommended for all students interested in the French language and culture.

Graduate Program

The French and Francophone Studies Program offers three degree options at the graduate level for students with a variety of backgrounds and career objectives: the master of arts, the master of arts portfolio (an option under the MA), and the master of arts in teaching (MAT).

The MA program has an excellent record in preparing students for admission to some of the top PhD programs in the country, sending students just since 2009 to doctoral programs at Yale, Princeton, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Northwestern, Penn State, Tulane, University of Connecticut, and UMass Amherst. And because of the flexible, interdisciplinary nature of our programs, we have prepared students for doctoral programs not only in French but also in history, applied linguistics, education, comparative literature, and political science, as well as for careers in translation and interpretation. Likewise, our MAT program has prepared students for positions at some of the best public and private secondary schools throughout the region, as well as for doctoral programs in education.


Photo: La Grand-Place in Brussels, Belgium.