Global focus

French and Francophone Studies is an interdisciplinary, globally focused program that offers undergraduate and graduate level study in the language, literature, and culture of French and francophone civilizations of the world.

We offer students the opportunity to undertake advanced work in a humanistic discipline and to enhance their global learning competencies through knowledge of the broad French and francophone intellectual traditions, including language and linguistics, literature, history, culture, philosophy and theory. The program is designed to offer a rigorous educational experience not only to students intending to pursue an advanced degree in the field, but also to those interested in careers in fields in which expertise in French is directly relevant or a valuable complement: government and public service, communications and journalism, research, public health, the hospitality industry, fashion, business and international relations, translation and interpretation, as well as high-school and community-college teaching. As a reflection of this spirit of interdisciplinarity, we incorporate into our programs the study of material from a wide array of related fields and topics: literary history and theory, philosophy, social and cultural theory, the study of gender and sexuality, historiography, visual arts and film, music, popular culture, politics, and a broad range of other interdisciplinary areas in the humanities and social sciences.

Photo: Monument de la réunification in Yaoundé, Cameroon.