The University of Massachusetts Amherst

General Education Requirements Checklist

General Education Requirements Check List for Food Science Majors
(For Students Admitted as Freshman* to UMass Fall 2010 or later)

GenEd Requirements

Departmental required or suggested courses meeting University GenEd Graduation Requirements are listed in bold.



2 Courses Required

  • College Writing (SW, 0-3 cr)
    • Completion of either EnglWrit 112 (CW) or a satisfactory score on the Writing placement test, combined SAT I Critical Reading and Writing Tests, or Advanced Placement Exam (Language and Composition , only)
  • Junior Year Writing FD SCI 391C

Basic Math and Analytical Reasoning

2 Courses Required
Students must complete either one R1 level course or get a 20 or greater on the Basic Mathematics Skills Exemption Test during summer orientation.

  • Basic Mathematics (R1) MATH 104
  • Analytical Reasoning (R2) MATH 127, MATH 128, COMP SCI 105, RES EC 211

Biological and Physical Worlds

2 Courses Required

  • Biological Science (BS) BIO 110
  • Physical Science (PS) CHEM 111, CHEM 112, PHYSICS 131, PHYSIC 132, PHYSICS 139

Social World

4 Courses Required
These requirements can be combined with the Social and Diversity Requirements.

  • Literature (AL) or Arts (AT)
  • Historical Studies (HS)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB) RES EC 121 (SBG, SUGGESTED)
  • Additional Social World (AL, ST, or SB) or Interdisciplinary (I, SI) RES EC 102 (SB, SUGGESTED)

Social and Cultural Diversity

2 Courses Required, Minimum 3 Credits Each
May be combined with Social World designation (eg ALU, HSG, IG, etc).

  • United States (U)
  • Global (G) RES EC 121 (SBG, SUGGESTED)

Integrated Experience

  • FD SCI 563

*Students Transferring into UMass are required to take two additional GenEd courses (BS, PS. AL, AT, HS, SB, or I). Most often, these additional requirements can be fulfilled by the large number of Physical Science courses required by the major.