The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Becoming a Major

The Food Science undergraduate program is built upon solid science. Food Science undergraduates take basic science core courses (chemistry, calculus, biology, microbiology, and physics) and Food Science courses. Food Science majors can tailor their degree to their interests by selecting a curriculum with a concentration in Food Science in Technology, Food, Health and Wellness or Food Safety.

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Would you like to join the Food Science Major?  Please contact Chief Undergraduate Advisor Charmaine Koo or Department Head  Lynne McLandsborough, Rm 244 Chenoweth Laboratory. 

If you are a UMass student and want to join the major, you can directly schedule an appointment HERE. Make an appointment to "explore a major in' 'Food Science'. If you are a current Food Science major and would like to meet with an advisor, please email your advisor or make an appointment online select here and then select 'See a food science advisor'.