The University of Massachusetts Amherst

5-Year BS/MS Program

Students in the Food Science and Technology track and a strong interest in research may pursue a 5 year BS/MS combined degree. The 5-year BS/MS program is based upon students starting their graduate laboratory research prior to graduation with a B.S. degree, thus allowing for an accelerated completion of the M.S. requirements.


To prepare for the 5-year BS/MS Program, students must:

  • Identify a Research Adviser*, no later than their junior year.
  • Begin conducting laboratory research no later than their junior year.
  • Take the GRE late in Junior or early in their senior year.
  • Apply to the Food Science MS program in their senior year, and have their Research Adviser write one of the letters of recommendation.
  • Take up to 6 credits of graduate courses (500 level or above) which can be transferred into their graduate requirements (Optional)**

*Research Advisors are different than your departmentally assigned Academic Advisor

**Students can only transfer credits into the Graduate program if taking credits are not required by the Food Science Department for BS Degree and the student has completed 120 credits required by the University for graduation.

Completion of MS Requirements