Complete your Biological Science GenEd online this summer and learn more about food at the same time!

Summer Session 2: July 8 – August 16, 2024

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Biological and chemical principles underlying the maintenance of food quality during the period after harvest to consumption will be addressed including: chemical, enzymic, physical, and biological deterioration; implications and preventions; and food toxicology.

Food plays a prominent role in each of our daily lives, yet most individuals have little if any understanding of the “science” behind their food. Food safety and dietary concerns add to the confusion of how to successfully navigate and interpret the various labeling and regulatory guidelines. The disconnect between individuals and the food they eat is compounded by the troubling statistic showing Americans waste 40% of all food produced in the United States. This course will explore how our society addresses these issues from a chemical, biochemical, microbial, and regulatory point of view to ensure an adequate and wholesome food supply is maintained for all. Some of the topics will include:

  • Food Chemistry
  • Processed Food
  • Food Preservatives
  • Food Poisoning
  • Product Labeling
  • Food Fermentation
  • Food Additives
  • Sugar/Sweeteners
  • Organic Food

Format: There are three scheduled required journal posts spaced out evenly throughout the course. All remaining course material that includes readings, quizzes, and exams can be completed at your own pace any time of the day.

Required Textbook: Students will be provided with a link on the class web page for free access to a food science ebook and other readings.

Instructor:  Christina DiMarco-Crook, PhD

Email:  @email