MS/Ph.D. Requirements

Prerequisites for Food Science graduate program

1) GPA of 3.0 or above
2) strongly suggested completed courses
        A. General Chemistry with lab
        B. Organic Chemistry with lab
        C. Microbiology with lab


M.S. Requirements

Standard Thesis Option

The standard thesis option requires 30 graduate credits, including a  maximum of 10 credits of thesis and a minimum of 20 course credits.  Click here for more details on this program.

Special 1-Year Professional M.S. Degree Option

Applicants for the M.S. degree with a non food science B.S. degree may qualify for the 1-Year non-thesis degree option. Please note that students in this program do not qualify for graduate teaching and research assistantships. Enrollment is limited to applicants with a B.S. degree from a U.S. college/university and having the necessary prerequisites (below). Applicants interested in a career in laboratory research or who wish to continue their graduate studies should consider the standard thesis option.Click here for more details on this program.


Prerequisites for the above options: GPA of 3.0 or above; separate courses in: general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, general microbiology with lab and statistics.  


Ph.D. Requirements

The course requirement for PhD students depends on the background and level. Details on the program requirements can be found here.


Food Science Graduate Handbook


Updated July 8th, 2022