The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Graduate Student Fellowships

The Department of Food Science at the UMass Amherst offers following graduate student fellowships;

  • Minority Fellowship
  • Salmon Fellowship
  • Charm Fellowship
  • Alumni Fellowship

The Graduate Student Fellowship will allow potential graduate students to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Food Science at UMass. Recipients will be selected by faculty using application information. Students do not apply for these fellowships.  Minority fellowship requires U.S. citizenship.

The Department of Food Science at UMass is the major academic center for Food Science in New England and the only research-oriented Department of Food Science in Massachusetts. The Department of Food Science at UMass is committed to and has achieved excellence and international prominence in Research, Scholarship and Teaching. The Department has 16 faculty members who participate in teaching, outreach and research, in the areas of Food Chemistry and Physics, Food Processing, Food Microbiology, Food Biotechnology, and Health & Wellness.


Food Science Department Highlights

  • UMASS is the oldest Food Science Department within the US
  • UMASS is one of the top ranked Food Science departments both nationally and internationally
  • UMASS has a number of the most highly-cited researchers in the world
  • UMASS is highly successful at securing research grants from both government agencies and industrial sponsors
  • Food Science is consistently one of the top ranked departments for student satisfaction in the UMass Graduating Senior Survey, which is based on quality of teaching, advising, career preparation, etc.
  • The department has a successful Strategic Research Alliance with numerous food companies, which plays a key role in identifying future needs in the food industry for undergraduate and graduate training programs as well as providing unique research opportunities
  • UMASS has established a successful Food Policy Alliance with numerous Food Industry members


Exciting Research Projects in Food Science at UMass

  • Nanotechnology and structural design principles are being used to improve food quality, safety, and healthiness
  • Omega-3 fatty acids and nutraceuticals are being encapsulated to improve the stability and efficacy of functional foods
  • Bioactive food components to fight cancer and other chronic diseases are being identified and tested
  • The genetic basis of taste reception is being elucidated
  • Factors impacting the structure of the gut microbiome are being investigated
  • Food based strategies for obesity and osteoporosis prevention are being developed
  • Plant-based foods with improved health and sustainability are being created
  • Novel strategies to control and prevent food viruses are being developed
  • The genetic determinants of microbial biofilm production on food processing surfaces are being identified


Updated September 5, 2019