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Food Policy Program

New specialization at UMass Amherst in Food Science Policy

UMass Amherst Dept. of Food Science and CPPA to collaborate on new academic initiative

Amherst, MA - The Center for Public Policy and Administration and the Department of Food Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have initiated a new program to produce top quality graduate students in Food Science Policy.

This academic concentration in the Masters Program in Public Policy and Administration is a result of a new emphasis in Food Science Policy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, motivated by the need to train scientists who can also be effective in the policymaking world. The focus involves food science policy and regulation in both the domestic and international arenas.  The complexity of scientific issues involving food and health requires policymakers knowledgeable about the scientific underpinnings of policy, and professionals who can bridge the scientific and policymaking communities.  The Food Science Policy program establishes a means to educate and train highly skilled scientists for careers in food science policy by providing them a strong foundation in public policy and administration.

Faculty involved in this new graduate concentration in Food Science Policy include Fergus Clydesdale, Distinguished Professor and Head of the University of Massachusetts Food Science Policy Alliance; Satu Zoller Associate Director of the Center for Public Policy; Eric Decker, Head of the Department of Food Science; Julie Caswell, Professor in the Department of Resource Economics; Mr. John Lupien, former Director of Nutrition and Quality with the FAO/WHO; and Sylvia Rowe, President of SR Strategy, Washington DC as adjunct faculty. In addition the program will rely on contributions from representatives from government, consumer groups, foundations and industry.

The Department of Food Science is dedicated to the education of undergraduate, graduate and nontraditional students in the field of Food Science and the study and application of science and technology to further basic knowledge, add value, foster economic development and provide a safe, healthful and high quality food supply. 

The Center for Public Policy and Administration (CPPA) is a nonpartisan interdisciplinary research center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst committed to improving public policy, management and governance by conducting and applying research and educating leaders for public service. CPPA engages in scholarly and applied research affecting regional, national and global challenges, facilitates ongoing exchange among policymakers, scholars, and citizens, while offering innovative teaching and applied learning opportunities to students. CPPA also houses the Science, Technology, and Society initiative of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, which will collaborate in this and other related efforts bridging the worlds of science and policymaking.

For more information about the graduate concentration in Food Science Policy contact Satu Zoller at (413) 545-2714 or Fergus Clydesdale at (413) 545-2277.