UMass Flex offers flexibility so you can be where life needs you to be, while still being a UMass Amherst student.


UMass Flex course options give you more control over managing your educational experience. Instruction delivered across different modalities means on-campus students have the option to attend an in-person course online (either live or async) when they are not feeling well or when a conflict, such as an important interview, requires them to miss class.  For off-campus students, UMass Flex offers an enhanced learning experience by providing more opportunities for synchronous learning (both in person and live online).


UMass Flex provides students with more flexibility and control over how they pursue their UMass Amherst degree. With a UMass Flex course, student-athletes on the road or students pursuing off-campus internships can take their classes with them–either live or async online. Off-campus students augment their learning experience by attending live online or in-person lectures when it is convenient for them. UMass Flex opens a world of possibilities.


Through UMass Flex, we are also exploring ways to make the entire student experience more adaptable to student needs–from student groups and programming to academic advising and career guidance. 

To learn more about UMass Flex-enabled courses and other student experiences, stay tuned for continuing updates through campus-wide communications and website updates.