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The University of Massachusetts Amherst
Javiera Benavente's poster, 'We Remember'. A collage of photos of crowds protesting makes up the middle of the poster.

About the exhibit

The ten artists at the center of this exhibition were asked to create an artwork that answered, “What does freedom mean to you?” They responded. For them, freedom is evidence of struggle, of a battle fought and won. It’s a process. It is built collectively. Freedom is the ability to move and transform. Freedom is knowledge and expansive possibility. Freedom is a call to action.

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Constellation Wall

The Constellation Wall is on display inside the UMCA as part of We Are For Freedoms. You can also view the full collection of images at the link below.

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Photo from Constellation Wall. A large poster board of two hands framing the word 'Abenaki' on the lawn of a red brick building.

Image from the UMass Amherst archives. Mostly red and black colors, people are gathering around a Christmas tree in a plaza.


The UMCA in partnership with the UMass Amherst Libraries Special Collections and University Archives, has curated a selection of archival materials – protest posters, broadsides, calls for action – from their Social Justice Collection. These artifacts provide historical context and invite reflection about how artists and activists engage in visual representations of struggle and hope.

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