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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Social Justice Theater, Protest Posters and We Are For Freedoms

As I reflect upon the We Are For Freedoms exhibition, I analyze it through the conceptualization of a visionary future. This evening, on March 24th 2021, I was able to find space amongst the anime, sleep, midterm work, and caffeinated frenzy to watch a virtual play. The first of many plays I hope to watch this semester was called Visionary Future: Gendered Experience. For Freedoms Student Committee leader Carolyn Parker-Fairbain was one of three cast members. I thought of it as a nice introduction to the conjunction between social movements and theatre. 

This play had stunning graphic simulations, great dance moves, and stunning outfits, and the use of a live chat stream on youtube actually made me feel like I was in a theatre again. The theme of futurity is also a part of the Freedoms exhibition, through the artist made protest posters. The protest poster intertwines art’s ability to provoke emotion, experience, and information. It is almost like a call to the world, can you see me? 

Plays and protest posters are only singular pieces of the movement's complete puzzle. I believe that this expanding online world can uplift movement spaces -- away from the traditional march or action that may not always be as accessible as it could be. 

More information on the online theater project, Visionary Futures, can be found here:

Visionary Futures Image by Tatiana Godfrey

  • The words visionary futures in all caps and white lettering on a black background with colorful pictures of planet earth, saturn and mars