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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

My name is Sofia Meadows (she/they).

  • a hand drawn portrait of Sophia using black ink on white paper

I am currently a junior in the Commonwealth Honors College, majoring in STPEC and Afro-American studies. I was born and raised in Boston and took time to study for two years in upstate New York before transferring to UMass this past fall. Various political frameworks ground my values, such as abolition, transformative justice, pleasure activism, healing justice, anti-capitalism, and anti-imperialism rhetoric. These places have been pivotal for me because they have such rich black and brown history that continues to influence my grassroots organizing today. In 2019, I had the opportunity to co-facilitate at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in their curatorial youth internship. The space was beautiful because it combines art history, youth autonomy, and political education in a way that uplifts the reality that art is protest. 

The For Freedom Student Organizing Committee has been a collective space that continues to bring me joy and comfort. I appreciate this groups’ ability to hold space for authentic dialogue that deconstructs academia’s intentional hierarchies and elitism, and cannot wait for folks to see the For Freedoms exhibition. We hope this exhibition will ignite lingering passion projects, aspiration, grief, and resilience. This space is meant for y'all (aka the community) so please feel free to provide feedback, we strive to connect intergenerational communities across Massachusetts.