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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

I'm Alice Erickson (she/her/hers).

  • hand drawn line portrait, black in on white background

I'm an interdisciplinary artist, advocate, mom, survivor, and student museum educator currently living in central Massachusetts. I've also lived in the Southwest, Midwest, and across New England. Being immersed in diverse cultural regions, social groups, and subcultures has given me a wide-lens view of our common struggle for survival, authentic living, and belonging. My core values as an artist and advocate include accessibility, mutual empowerment, knowledge and resource sharing, individual and collective healing, and practices that foster resilience and cultivate joy. 

As a For Freedoms Student Organizing Committee member I'm invested in the space we hold for one another - to listen, learn, grow and create. I'm looking forward to engaging with the art and artists featured in the For Freedoms exhibition and sharing perspectives on accessibility and the arts, creativity and mental health, engaging with arts and culture in your community, and creative practice and participation during the pandemic.