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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Artist Statement

2020 has been a year to endure. The times are dark with COVID, with systemic racism and economic injustice, and with ugly patterns of power-grabbing at the highest levels of government. Nevertheless, I have been finding hope in people turning out and taking action; in the work of young Black people in my community who organized protests; in mutual aid groups that are caring for people in their communities; in the delightful and dramatic toppling of monuments and refusals of the status quo. So I wanted to make something hopeful and colorful and powerful. The words are a call to action, in the form of the imperative. Sometimes all we can do is endure, and I certainly had many days this year where I was simply trying to hold on. And that is enough at those times. But sometimes we can persist – we can be in movement towards freedom. And then, when we know we are loved and cared for, then we can rise up and shine. And I saw so much rising and shining in such a dark year. And I am grateful for that.

Artist Bio

Catherine D’Ignazio a.k.a. kanarinka is a hacker mama, scholar, and artist/designer who focuses on feminist technology, data literacy and civic engagement. She has run women’s health hackathons, designed global news recommendation systems, created talking and tweeting water quality sculptures, and led walking data visualizations to envision the future of sea level rise. Her 2020 book from MIT Press, Data Feminism, co-authored with Lauren Klein, charts a course for more ethical and empowering data science practices. D’Ignazio is an assistant professor of Urban Science and Planning in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. She is also Director of the Data+ Feminism Lab at MIT which uses data and computational methods to work towards gender and racial equity. Learn more at


Endure | Persist | Be Loved | Rise up | and Shine (Persevera | Resiste | Recibe amor | Movilízate | Y brilla); tinta y acuarela sobre papel, textos en fuente femenista True Woman (diseñada por Dina Benbrahim); 2020.

El año 2020 ha sido una prueba de resistencia. Fue una época ensombrecida por el COVID-19, el racismo sistémico, la injusticia económica y la tendencia repugnante a monopolizar el poder en los niveles más altos del gobierno. Sin embargo, fui encontrando esperanza en quienes se hicieron presentes y actuaron, en las personas jóvenes negras de mi comunidad que organizaron  manifestaciones, en los grupos de ayuda mutua que cuidan a sus comunidades; en aquellos monumentos derribados de manera espectacular y dramática en rechazo al statu quo. Por eso, quise crear algo esperanzador, colorido y potente. Las palabras son un llamado a la acción de forma imperativa. A veces lo único que podemos hacer es aguantar y yo, sin duda, pasé muchos días este año aguantando. Y durante esos momentos, aguantar, resistir, es suficiente. Pero, a veces, podemos persistir, podemos caminar hacia la libertad. Y entonces, al saber que alguien nos quiere y cuida, podemos levantarnos y brillar. Y, durante un año oscuro, agradezco haber visto tanto brillo, tanta resistencia.

Catherine D'Ignazio's poster, "Endure | Persist | Be Loved | Rise up | and Shine". The text on the poster is broken into five separate rows and sections. The first reads, "ENDURE", with varying shades of blue lines stretching out of the center of the word. Second is "PERSIST", with light green lines. Third is, "BE LOVED", with pink and orange lines. Then, "RISE UP" with purple lines, and "AND SHINE" with yellow lines stretching out.

Endure | Persist | Be Loved | Rise up | and Shine, 2020
Ink and watercolor pen on paper, Feminist font by Dina Benbrahim

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