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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Vittorio Costantini was born in Burano in 1944.

He began working in the furnace in Murano, as an apprentice, at the young age of 11.

At the beginning, the "flameworking" , was a hobby which occupied the little time he had after a long day of work in the furnace.

But since he opened his laboratory in Venice, in 1974, flameworking has become his only passion.

Vittorio was, and continues to be, fascinated by nature.

All of his creations show great mastery, art and love for nature.

He spends hours and hours creating objects, such as multicolored insects, iridescent butterflies, birds, fish and colorful flowers. All his creations are the result of his manual skill.

His artistic talent has leaded him to participate in many exhibitions in Italy but especially abroad.

Curiosity stimulates his imagination and the manual skill multiplies the desire for progress and the constant challenge against himself.

5 Colorful  lampworked glass butterflies with the millefiori pieces that created the pattern of their wings next to them

Butterflies with Murrina, lampworked glass, 2012