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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

The heart of my work is narrative, the story, my vehicle. I am curious; how history and our vast subconscious of visual vocabulary inform our interpretation of the world? What stories do I tell, and what does my audience see?

My interest in stories, fables, and parables is apparent in my work. I appreciate the quest, the subtle roles and meaning within the story. There is also a transformative nature to story telling, we take a word or image and infuse it with meaning, giving each element context. While my subject matter might be representational, the elements are meant as concepts, concepts which I seek to distill and form into allegorical objects.

My works are created using a torch and borosilicate glass. The largest of my works can take up to two months to complete. I begin by first working on the sketch, which is a roadmap, identical to the size and shape of the finished work. I heat, bend and shape the glass rods and tubing to my sketch, building the internal glass structure. Once the structure is complete, I add the embellishments, such as leaves and flowers. Most, but not all of my larger sculptures I sandblast, this is to abrade the surface of the artwork, and allows the paint better adhesion to the glass. I prefer to paint my work, painting allows me more control with the subtle use of colors, essential to my work. After so many years working with glass, I now find it quite natural to imagine my work in all 3 dimensions. Each art work might need a slightly different approach, and once I  start building the work, it can deviate from my original drawing. Sometimes as I work on a piece, I am surprised and see a different design emerge, something that better reflects my story.

In making my work, I look for clues and insight. The process of creating artwork actually shows me something about myself and what I want to convey to my audience.

A black background with a lampworked glass  piece that looks like a plant with white roots and an eyeball inside

Distilled Sight, lampworked glass 30x16x4.5, 2017