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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Becoming a Landscape (1999-2001) by Roni Horn

A deep hole in what looks like sand

Audio Story by Emilee Klein

A Laundry Woman- Yamuna River, India (2007) Kimsooja

A person facing away from us

Audio Story by Olivia Marble

Untitled, Sapa(1995) and Untitled, Thanh Hoa (1998) by An-My Le

Photo of a child in a hiking trail

Audio Story by Catherine Hurley

Equinox (2012) by Alison Saar

A figure with blue background and the reflection of the figure on the bottom half with red background

Audio Story by Ella Adams

Take Your Country Back Forward (1990) Annette Lemieux

A photo with soldiers with text saying "TAKE YOU COUNTRY BACK FORWARD"

Audio Story by Izzi D'Amico

String Drawing #2 (2002) by Mary Ijichi

Yellow wallpaper that runs from the wall to the floor

Audio story by Sara Abdelouahed

Borderland Where Freedom Grows by Alexis Callender

A dark land with a black sign

Audio Story by Joseph Aliberti

Matt P., Costa Rica and 2456836, Sunday, Truto, MA, by Xylor Jane

A square divided into different sections with green, blue, purple colorings

Audio Story by Rebeca Pereira