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Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships

Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships

Film Studies Certificate students can serve as undergraduate teaching assistants and gain instructional experience under the supervision of our faculty.

When serving as Undergraduate TAs, students can normally earn between 1 and 3 credits per TA'ed course. These credits will count towards the total number of credits needed for graduation but may not fulfill any requirement of the certificate. Undergraduate TAs need to sign a contract in which duties and expectations are outlined, and enroll in FILM 398T. To enroll in these courses, you need to turn in your contract to our Undegraduate Program Director, Prof. Barry Spence. The necessary qualifications to serve as an undergraduate TA will vary, but an excellent performance in the certificate is always expected.

Undegraduate TAs serving as graders or needing access to Moodle will be required to obtain FERPA certification. The necessary training can be easily and conveniently completed online.


Apply for the following available TAships by contacting directly the professor listed in each position.

FILM-ST  FILM-ST 397V-01  - Latin American Cinema  (SPRING 2020) 
: Professor Barbara Zecchi,
TAships available: two.
Responsibilities: The TA will come to class, offer feedback, moderate discussions, and tutor students.
Pre-requisites: 1) being a Film Studies Certificate Student, 2) a GPA in Film of 3.5 or higher, 3) a grade of A or A- in Film-St 397V. 
Application materials: 1) a paragraph  explaining why you are interested in TAing for this class and how does this position relate to your interests and goals, 2) your GPA in Film Studies  and grade in Film-St 397V, 3) current résumé.
Times you must be available: Friday 4:00-6:30 PM, 2 additional hours at the TAs convenience every other week.
Hours per week: 9 hours / week.
Credits received: 3 credits in FILM-ST 398T (Pass / Fail)
Applications due on NOVEMBER 19, 2019.