Online courses: Summer 2020


May 18-June26

Film-St 397J - Film Production: How the craft works (ONLINE)  
Cap: 15 students  Credits: 3
Grading System: Letter Grade
Instructor: Nefeli Forni

This course will focus on a diversity of challenges in the art of film production. It will cover the phases of project development, financing, pre-production, production design, and executive production, together with post-production and distribution/commercialization. You will have the chance to interact with each other, making the course both practical and dynamic. You will also have the opportunity to assess and exchange the issues you encountered -or may encounter!- on your your own work and the projects you have worked on or will work on in the future, receiving personalized feedback. (FILM CERTIFICATE CATEGORY V)

July 6-August 14




FILM-ST 497Z: The Horror Film (ONLINE)
Cap: 30  Credits: 3
Summer-Session II
Grading System: Letter Grade
Instructor: Barry Spence

Do you like spine-tingling cinema? Sitting in the dark terrified before the luminous screen? This course is for you. We will examine the horror film, both in terms of the history of the genre and in terms of what defines the form. The primary work for this course will consist of studying horror films and discussing them. (FILM CERTIFICATE CATEGORY III, IV and V)






Cap. 15  Credits: 3
Summer-Session II
Grading System: Letter Grade
Instructor: Tom Benedek

This course provides the foundational principles of television writing. Write the first ten to fifteen pages of your script of your TV/small screen idea for a detailed outline of the pilot episode. Learn to create a family of characters with long-term and short term story arcs for season and series bibles. Write the first ten to fifteen pages of your script. Using written lectures, script readings, streamed/recorded video lectures, writing assignments and online class discussion, learn foundation principles of TV series development. Instructor Tom Benedek will provide individual feedback on all writing project assignments.  Workshop your idea or story concept into a structured original TV pilot script. Using sets of questions/writing prompts, class members will brainstorm characters, plot, images, back stories to build their TV show idea. (FILM CERTIFICATE CATEGORY V)