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The Revolution Won't Be Televised
Director Present

Directed by Rama Thiaw
Screening Date: April 5, 2017
7:30PM, 137 Isenberg SOM

(2016, dir Rama Thiaw, Senegal, 110 min, in Wolof & French w/ English subtitles)
In 2011, Senegal’s president, Abdoulaye Wade, announced his intention to run for an unconstitutional third term, sparking a youth-led resistance movement. Three Senegalese rappers used their celebrity to start “Y En A Marre” (“We Are Fed Up”). Filmmaker Rama Thiaw joined the movement to document the group’s events from the inside as they emphasize the importance of voting, face the threat of state-sponsored violence, and inspire a nation with their mixture of political activism and rap music.

Introduction by Branwen Okpako, Film/Video and World Cinema Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies of Hampshire College

The director will be present.

In collaboration with the African Cinema Symposium and Festival:

Organized by Five College African Studies Council and featuring screenings, presentations, and conversations with leading filmmakers, scholars, directors, and curators of film festivals from Africa, Europe, and the United States. The April 5 MMFF screening launches this event.
April 6–8 in Gamble Auditorium, Mount Holyoke College.

Rama Thiaw (born 1978) is an African filmmaker and screenwriter. She is known for her 2009 documentary Boul Fallé, la Voie de la lutte and her most recent documentary The Revolution Won’t be Televised .
In 2010, Thiaw began production on her second documentary feature entitled The Revolution Won’t be Televised (2016), the title based on the poem by musician Gil Scott-Heron. This second work maintained the political and social Senegalese discourse as her previous film, however revolving primarily around the rise of the apolitical group “Y’en a Marre” ("We’re Fed Up”), led by rappers Thiat and Kilifeu. The documentary followed Y’en a Marre’s protests against President Abdoulaye Wade’s continuous run for presidency. The Revolution Won't be Televised was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2016, winning the Fipresci Prize and a special mention in the Caligari Filmpreis.