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International Visiting Scholars

Recent International Visiting Scholars

Ariadna Lorenzo Sunyer, doctoral student (joint PhD) -from the University of Girona (Dept. of History and History of Art) in Catalonia, and University of Lausanne in Switzerland (History and Film Aesthetics). She specializes in contemporary art and photography,  sociology of art, immersion spaces, and early cinema. She has been a member of the  Universitat de Girona research project on pre-cinema (the magic lantern). She collaborated in the organization of exhibitions at the Musée de l'Elysée (Lausanne) and the Museu del Cinema (Girona).

September 2018-November 2018      Faculty sponsor: Barbara Zecchi

Francisco Zamora, doctoral student in Film Studies (ESTCA), Paris 8 University. Master degree in Film Direction, Paris 8 University, Saint Denis (2010). Director 2013- Last tribes of cinema, documentary, 52 minutes. Produced by Points Communs for Planète + (TV channel). 2009- Séphora Colorful, commercials, 3x3 minutes. Produced by PROJETS SPECIAUX. Assistant director 2013- Che Guevara, l'invention d'un icône, documentary, 52 minutes. Produced by TS for Arte (TV channel). 2013- La Chasse à l'amour, Violette Leduc, documentary, 52 minutes. Produced by Les Films du Poisson for Arte (TV channel). Director of Photography 2013- L'amour au bout du monde, documentary, 52 minutes. Produced by MC4 for Voyages channel.

October 2015- January 2016        Faculty sponsor: Shawn Shimpak