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"Institutions of Fear": Screening and Discussion

Still from "Institustions of Fear"

(2016, dir Montse Armengou and Ricard Belis, Catalonia, 75 min., in Catalan and Spanish w/ English subtitles)

Please join us for a screening of "Institutions of Fear / Els Internats de la Por" as part of the Massachusetts Multicultural Film Festival: "Film Lives!"

During the Francoist period and extending well into the democratic era, hundreds of thousands of children were incarcerated in charitable institutions, religious schools, orphanages, tuberculosis sanatoria or Social Assistance Centers across Spain and subjected to physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Child labor was a common experience for many who were also exposed to dubious medical practices. This provocative documentary broadcast on Catalan public television explores a silenced aspect of the contemporary history of Spain where, unlike in Ireland where mistreatment of children under state care has been acknowledged, such cases have not been prosecuted.

In collaboration with the 10th annual Catalan Film Festival.

The director Montse Armengou will be present for discussion.

Introduction by Sebastiaan Faber (Oberlin College).