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Body Tricks: Using Sylvia Plath's Space to Explore my Seizures

Maria Guarino

Through a performative video graphic essay, Maria Guarino aims to create an honest, self-narrated space of her experience as an epileptic woman without filter, enabled by Sylvia Plath’s novel The Bell Jar (1963). Aiming to produce a transparent and feminist representation of a disabled woman, Maria’s hope is that this video essay will encourage spectators to question the stigmatization of Maria’s seizures and disability. The essay features artistic representations of Maria's seizures through live drawings and paintings by Dominique Thiébaut, music composed by Ian Bauer, and singing by Maria. Production by Maria and Noah Luke. In addition to the essay, six of Dominique's paintings of Maria's seizure activity will be on display.

**Opening Reception with Screening and Panel: 2/8, 5-8:30pm
**All Show Celebration: 2/14, 5-8:30pm