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5College Film and Media Studies Undergraduate conference





Amherst College (AC), Hampshire College (HC), Mount Holyoke College (MC), Smith College (SM),
University of Massachusetts Amherst (UM)



9:00am Opening remarks

Panel I: (Re)Defining Genres
Cas Keteyian (HC), “Superheroes and American Politics: Nationalism and Masculinity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe”
Olivia Zindren (SC), “From Bam to Bloodbath: An Exploration of increased Violence and militarism in superhero films and television”
Levi Ebnit (HC), “Jews, Sex, Money and Nazis: Cabaret as Thriller”
Mina Enayati-Uzeta (AC), “Redefining the Homefront: Diasporic Reclamation of Horror and Morality in A Girl Who Walks Alone at Night”

Panel 2: Gender in Film and Video Games
Linh Ngoc Bui (MHC), “A Queer Direction: Reading (Dis)Orientation and Disidentification in Richard Fung’s Chinese Characters through Sara Ahmed and Jose Munoz”
Linea Kay (SC), “Beyond the Slasher: An Exploration of the Folk Horror Final Girl”
Pei Pei Martin (AC), “The Objectification of Two Princesses: Mangan’s Sister and the Damsel in Distress”
Devyn Moore (SC), “The Complexities of Cinematic Mothers and Daughters” 12:30-1:30pm Lunch


Panel 3: Television: Space, Spectatorship and Disability
Sophie Caldwell (AC), “Is this thing on? Narrative Self-Reflexivity in Jane the Virgin”
Woodlief McCabe (MHC), “The Crystal in the Desert: Breaking Bad uses Albuquerque to its Fullest Extent”
Vanessa Ellis (SC), “Disability: The Unrecognized Backbone of the Survival Genre”
Shirley Fu (AC), “Impact of Streaming on Viewing Practices: Unbelievable”

Coffee Break

Panel 4: Bodies, Identities and Performance in Filmic Space
Ian Shaw (UM), “The Reanimated Body as Artifice: Taxidermy, Temporality and Spectatorship in Experimental Film”
Taz Kim (AC), “Performance, Characterization and Race: Use of Diegetic Sound in Imitation of Life and Kiss Me Deadly”
Emilia Tamayo (SC), “Visualizing Space of Non-Place in Japanese Brazilian Film and Television”

4:45-5:00pm Closing remarks.