1993 - The Shock of Re-Cognition

"The Shock of Re-Cognition: Identity, Memory, and the Politics of Representation in Indigenous Media"

The last twenty years has witnessed a vibrant explosion of film and video productions by and about native peoples across the globe. This series brings together a collection of recent works that explore in varied imaginative ways questions of cultural domination, identity, and resistance. Works will cover issues related to the representation of native peoples including the emergence of native television and alternative media projects as a source of empowerment, the politics of museum display, and the conflicts in the interpretation of cultural artifacts.

Utilizing a variety of filmic styles, from standard documentary to parody and performance art, these films assume the complexity of native/white relations and the meanings of "Aboriginal" identity in a postmodern world. Featured works will include an extensive program of Native American films and videos, including several titles by Hopi producer Victor Masayesva Jr., recent films from Bolivia and Peru, and several works from Australia and New Zealand, including the newly released Maori dramatic feature, Te Rua.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Guest Speakers

Rayna Greene
Director, American Indian Program, Smithsonian

Diane Reyna
Institute for American Indian Arts

Cesar Galindo
Independent Peruvian Filmmaker

Frances Peters
Australian Aboriginal Programming Unit

Annie Goldson
Center for Modern Culture and Media - Brown University

Faye Ginsberg
Director of the Program in Ethnographic Film and Video at New York University

Program Schedule (January 20-23, 1993)

Wednesday, January 20

Babakiueria (1987) - Don Featherstone & Julian Pringle, Australia
Satellite Dreaming (1991) - Caama Production, Australia
Starting Fire With Gunpowder (1991) - David Poisey & William Hansen, Canada
The Spirit of Televsion (1991) - Vincent Carelli, Brazil
Making Waves - Karen Ranucci

Thursday, January 21, 1993

Nice Colored Girls (1987) - Tracey Moffatt, Australia
Oceans Apart (1991) - Frances Peters, Australia
Night Cries (1990) - Tracey Moffatt, Australia
Wake (1992) - Annie Goldson, New Zealand
Te Rua (1991) - Barry Barclay, New Zealand

Friday, January 22

Surviving Columbus (1992) (excerpts) - Diane Reyna
Gathering Up Again: Fiesta in Santa Fe (1992) - Jeanette DeBouzek, Diane Reyna
Columbus on Trial (1992) - Lourdes Portillo
Five Minutes for the Souls of America (1992) - Cesar Galindo
Cholo Soy (1992) - Cesar Galindo
El Camino De Las Almas (1989) - Eduardo Lopez, Bolivia
Siskyavi: The Place of Chasms (1991) - Victor Masayesva Jr.
Pott Starr (1990) - Victor Masayesva Jr.

Saturday, January 23

Harold of Orange (1983) - Richard Weiss; Screenplay by Gerald Vizenor
Sun, Moon, and Feathers (1989) - Jane Zipp and Bob Rosen
RItual Clowns (1988) - Victor Masayesva Jr.
Warrior for Gringo Stroika (1992) - Featuring Guillermo Gomez-Perez
Do Indians Shave? (1972) - Chris Spotted Eagle
Imagining Indians (1992) - Victor Masayesva Jr.


Presented in conjunction with the Five College faculty seminar 1992-93 entitled "The Shock of Re-Cognition: Artistic Representation and Cultural Politics" funded by a grant from the Getty Grant Program with additional funding and/or support provided by Amherst College, Five Colleges, Inc. the UMass Arts Council, and the UMass Anti-Racism Coalition.

Curated by Professor Jacqueline Urla, Dept. of Anthropology

Image on the right: Men and Ducks, by Sally Morgan (W. Australia, 1988);
Image on the banner: Three Worlds of the Ahneesheenahpay, by Ahmoo (Allen) Angeconeb (Canada 1986)