Customer Service
Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service starts here.

FCS Customer Service Representatives assist with scheduling planned work and provide a courteous and knowledgeable point of contact between Facilities & Campus Services and the campus community.  Our CSRs work with staff, faculty and administrators to develop scope-of-service required to meet the customer’s objectives.

When Requesting Work

In the event of a facilities-related emergency, always call the Facilities Solutions Center: 545-6401.

The Facilities Solutions Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call any time, day or night, if you discover a problem in a building, on campus grounds, with utility services, or at a construction site.

For non-emergency requests, use the online form at the Service & Space Requests page.

~ OR ~

Contact the Facilities & Campus Services Customer Service Representative for your department.

If you don’t know the Customer Service Representative for your department, you can refer to the Building Coordinator/Customer Service Representative List, or call Melissa Bergeron at 5-6443 for assistance.

Melissa Bergeron, Work Management Coordinator

Melissa Bergeron
Customer Service Manager
Desk: (413) 545-6443
Cell: (413) 695-1782

Melissa coordinates the handling of Service Requests --their intake processing and fulfillment.  She is in charge of CRM functions, ensuring processes and completed work meet customers objectives and expectations of service.  Melissa also manages the FCS Customer Service Representatives.

Bethany Desbien

Bethany Desbien
Customer Service Representative
Desk: (413) 577-4770

Cell: (413) 658-8035

Sonya Fernandes, Customer Service Representative Sonya Fernandes
Customer Service Representative
Desk: (413) 577-0412
Cell: (413) 687-3161

Liz Tousignant, Customer Service Representative Liz Tousignant
Customer Service Representative
Desk: (413) 577-0413
Cell: (413) 204-2650

Indoor Events Coordinator
 Disability Services Liaison
Special Projects CSR