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Shuyin Liu



Conference Registration Award

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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Joya Misra


Shuyin Liu is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology. Under the mentorship of Dr. Joya Misra, her research broadly focuses on how household structure influences the time use pattern of women and children, with a focus on household labor. In particular, she is interested in how the conflicts between paid and unpaid labor play out in different living arrangements and how women with different socioeconomic statuses handle time conflicts. The travel award will help to fund travel expenses for the Population Association of America (PAA) 2022 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA from April 6-9, 2022. Her research project is titled, “Women’s Education, Intergenerational Co-residence, and Housework Hours in Urban China”.


The study examines how living arrangements (i.e., multigenerational families versus nuclear families) in urban China modify the association between women’s education and housework hours. This study found that the effect of women’s education in reducing housework is strengthened in multigenerational families. This is surprising, considering traditional family norms that allocate less power to wives because they are at the bottom of the power hierarchy. Yet in the context of modern urban China, the wife’s time might be considered more valuable compared to the time of their parents’ or in-laws’ given the wife’s greater earning potential. This suggests that educated wives have greater bargaining power in multigenerational families compared to nuclear families.

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