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Seda Saluk

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Seda Saluk’s research concentrates on political and medical anthropology. Her research explores the dynamics of women’s reproductive rights in Turkey and how they are being affected by the interplay between European Union governance, Turkey’s convergence towards standardization of healthcare, and feminist activism. Saluk examines this relationship by investigating controversial healthcare policies currently being implemented in Turkey, where she recently conducted 12 weeks of ethnographic research.

Saluk’s research, which she documents in her paper Harmonizing Reproduction: Pro-Natalism, European Union Accession, and Medico-Bureaucratic Surveillance in Turkey, has been selected by the American Anthropological Association to be presented at their annual conference in Washington DC this December. The American Anthropological Association’s annual conference is the premier conference in the field of Anthropology, and competition for entry is intense. Saluk is “looking forward to meeting other scholars with similar interests as well as getting feedback from the discussant whose work [she] constantly cite[s], and other brilliant attendants.”