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Rylei Donovan



Methodology Workshop Scholarship

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UMass Boston


Randy Corpuz


Rylei Donovan is a PhD student in Developmental and Brain Sciences in the department of Psychology at UMASS Boston. Under the mentorship of her advisor, Dr. Randy Corpuz, her research broadly focuses on the endocrinology of first-time parents. Through the examination of hormones, such as testosterone and cortisol, her work will investigate the ways in which the transition to parenthood impacts relationship satisfaction between parents as well as infant development.


My research is focused on the transition to parenthood. I am particularly interested in how the hormonal changes parents undergo impacts their relationship with each other as well as their developing relationship with their infant. This research is significant because the transition to parenthood involves novel stress that can lead to negative outcomes such as postpartum depression and unhealthy attachment between parents and their infant. It is important to better understand not only the pattern of hormonal changes but also how these changes impact each individual within the family system. This research has the potential to improve our understanding of a postpartum family functioning model. The examination of hormones across all individuals across the end of pregnancy through the first year of life will help clarify the role of testosterone and cortisol within family systems.

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