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Linda Isbell

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Family Research Scholar, 2015-16



A fundamental assumption in Dr. Linda Isbell's work is that affective feelings convey valuable information that guides individuals’ thoughts, judgments and actions. Her program of study embraces the notion that affect and cognition are necessary allies that work in tandem to produce adaptive responses to the world. As a Family Research Scholar, Dr. Isbell aims to better understand the ways in which affect influences ordinary, everyday information processing and judgment across a number of important social psychological and real-world domains.

In doing so, she will investigate the impact of affective experiences on how individuals seek out, process and evaluate information about hypothetical political candidates, job applicants, ordinary people, stereotyped others and the self. By relying on theory and research in social cognition, she identifies and explores the underlying social cognitive processes that account for the different influences of affect on cognition.